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Are you in need of massage supplies for your spa? Don't look any further! Raven & The Rose is a massage supply store that deals with the sales of spa and massage products as well as equipment. Our products are of high quality and they are aimed at helping you create that relaxing massage experience in your spa. We are located in the local area and we supply a variety of massage tables, chairs, lotions, creams, oils, wax and so on, all at affordable prices. Why not contact us today via our booking form and get your massage supplies today!

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When you come and visit our store you can be certain that you will speak to someone who knows more than a thing or two about perfumes. Over the years, we have taken the effort to train and develop our team's knowledge in the perfume and fragrance market so that they can answer any questions. So, when you come to do your shopping in our store, you are guaranteed the maximum satisfaction you well and truly deserve

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We are very happy to inform you that we offer services to help you create a relaxing atmosphere in your massage parlour. Our wide variety of branded and highly rated massage equipment should be enough to attract you as our unique products are all of high quality. We offer all types of massage related equipment covering a range of massage styles; from Swedish to Thai, we have it all. Our massage training lessons are manageable, easy to understand and also tailored according to a flexible schedule!


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